For your convenience

Payment of Invoice

Have an Invoice to pay? One option is for you to be able to pay your invoice below through Paypal. Please provide the invoice number with your payment. 

Or if you prefer, contact our office at 214-404-8241 and you can pay over the phone. We also accept checks and cash. 

Pay an Invoice

Payments with ZELLE

Gibb Construction is set up to receive payments from Zelle. We are registered under our phone number: 214-404-8241


  1. Go to Send money with Zelle®
    Sign on to
    Wells Fargo Online or Wells Fargo Mobile, then go to Send Money with Zelle® located under Transfer and Pay in the main menu. If you’re not yet enrolled, you’ll be asked to accept our terms and conditions. We recommend you also register an email address or U.S. mobile number and link a deposit account so you can receive money with Zelle.
  2. Add or select recipient
    To add a recipient, select the “ + ” icon at the upper right of your screen and enter your recipient’s information. If your recipient is already in your list of recipients, select their name (smartphone) or the arrow to the right of their name (desktop and tablet) to continue.
  3. Enter amount and select your funding account
    Enter the amount you want to send and choose an account to fund your payment. On desktop or tablet devices, you may have the option to select a delivery speed. Next, select Continue.
  4. Review and send
    Carefully review the details of your payment before you send it. If it’s the first time you’ve sent money to this recipient, we will send you an access code to help verify your identity. If your recipient’s phone number or email address is registered with
    Zelle, we’ll display the name of the recipient on record before you continue (in some cases, this may only be a first name). After you send your payment, you’ll get a confirmation screen with the details of your payment.
  5. Recipient is notified
    Your recipient will be notified by email or text message with the details of your payment and instructions on how to receive the money if action is necessary.